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Vegan food in Venice

Vegansk mat i Venezia

🍕Rossopomodoro - We started with bruschetta and oh my it was good. My boyfriend ordered the vegan pizza «veganotta» and I ordered risone. The food was good, but nothing special. On the menu it said they had a meat subtitute we could choose, but they didn’t have that anymore
 A huge disappointment to be honest.

đŸ„Naturasi - it was really hard to find vegan breakfast in Venice. The place we planned to go to was closed, so our only close opition was to buy some groceries. We lived really central, but it was not many vegan options around. So the health shop Naturasi was our saviour. They had a lot of vegan food, but we didn’t have a fridge so we had few options. Ended up with vegan croissant with jam, soy milk, cereal and fruit. Not impressive, but better than nothing.

đŸŒ±La Tecia Vegana - the only fully vegan place in Venice. It was out of centrum and a more quiet place. It was nice to get away from the crowded places and all the people. It said that you had to book a table in advance, but we didn’t and not the other people that came either. They had space enough for everyone. I ordered a wrap with seitan and my boyfriend ordered thai noodles. He didn’t like his food, but I like both so we swapped food. The portions were really small, so we also had a lentil burger. It was okay on taste. Nothing mind-blowing. For dessert we had tiramisu, which were really good.

đŸČBuddha Soul Resto - on our last day we went to the beach. It was on a island called Lido which are a part of Venice. Who would have thought you could go to the beach in Venice? Not me. As soon as we found about Lido, we planned to go there. After a day in the sun and sea, we ate at a place close by. The food was easily labeled vegan, a huge plus. I had vegan pad thai and my boyfriend ate meditation vegan thali. Our best meal in Italy!

🍹Gelato Fantasy - they had some vegan options and omg the best ice cream so far! The pistachio and chocolate mint was perfectđŸ„ł

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