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Vegan food in Graz

Oppdatert: 21. aug. 2022

Vegansk mat i Graz

🥯Ginko Greenhouse - I loved their bagels with both carrot lox and hummus and avocado. Their smoothies were more like juices, but still good! I didn’t like all their food, like the greenhouse bowl and samosa. It was just too much spices and many random foods thrown in, in my opinion. The acai bowl was very runny and just okay on taste.

🥙Shake Shaka - you could customise your own bowl. We choose the watermelon tuna and vegan pulled pork. It was really good and fresh. But we didn’t get the dressing we ordered, so it gets a minus for that.

🌯Cafe Erde - the food was varying when it came to the taste. I ordered a gyros and it was really good. While my boyfriend ordered palak paneer and it was not good. We went there on our last day and had a successful meal. I ate vegan schnitzel and my boyfriend had vegan nuggets salad.

🍨Die Eisperle - vegan ice cream. We tried the flavours brownies, banana chocolate cake and tiramisu. They were all good, but my favourite was the tiramisu.

🥖Parks - not fully vegan but a lot of vegan options. I ordered a baguette with tempeh and my boyfriend a lentil dahl. I also had a very good soda with strawberry and basil. Honestly our best meal in Graz!

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