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Vegan food in Trieste

Vegansk mat i Trieste

📍Vegan food in Trieste, Italy

🍕Pizzeria Assaje - they had three vegan pizzas. You couldn’t find them on the paper menu, which was a minus. They were on the webside, but just ask and they show you which ones they can make vegan. The pizzas were really good! A huge plus for having meat substitutes and vegan mozzarella.

🌊Barcola beach - we went to the beach one day and there was some vegan options around. We got a vegan croissant at il Pane Quotidiano and a ice cream from Chiosco Alta Marea Cafe. It was okay for one day.

🍝Osteria - not vegan, but had it’s own vegan menu. Ask for the vegan one, because it’s not on the original menu. We started with a montanara di pizza fritta, which were a very fluffy and crispy pizza with tomato sauce. Then we ordered paccheri di gragnano and spaghetti con peperoncini verdi. Okay on taste, but nothing special and not very filling.

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