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Vegan food in Vienna

Oppdatert: 18. aug. 2022

Vegansk mat i Wien

🥙Superfood Deli - we went here for breakfast three times. Ordered acai bowl, pitaya bowl, carrot lox bowl and vegan chicken bowl. Carrot lox was definitely my favourite, but it was a little too salty.

🍨Veganista - vegan ice cream! We tried pistachio, cookie, basil and lavender. Pistachio was the best one, but they all were good.

🍣Tau - my favourite restaurant in Vienna by far! We ordered dumplings, vegan sushi with salmon, vegan duck and gan bian with vegan beef. You have to try the sushi and “duck”.

🍰Omas backstube - vegan bakery offering 100% gluten- and sugarfree cakes and pastries. We orderes the lime cake and a pastry with berryfilling. We found them quite sour, so we would recommend trying something else.

🎂Omas cafe - vegan lunch and cakes. We ate poppyseed cake and chocolate cake. They were good, but wished we ordered something else.

🛒Maran Vegan - vegan supermarket & bistro. So much vegan food in one store. As we were to travel on, we just bought some chocolate and a vegan pigs ear to my dog. From the bistro we bought a vegan danish pastry and apple strudel. Really recommend taking the trip. So good!

🍤Vevi - a very popular restaurant that was full. For starter we ordered summerrolls with vegan shrimp and seitan. The shrimp one was my favourite. The dressing was very good. I also had a homemade lemonade that I really recommend. For the main course we ordered bánh mi and vegan salmon. It really tasted like fish, but more cod or pollock than salmon. The bánh mi was a mix with seitan and soy meat.

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